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Forums.net provides a modern community platform for any business or organization.

Community Branding Features

White Label

We place no branding or advertisements on your site. White label means your brand stays front and center.


Keep track of your forum's statistics including threads, posts, pageviews, and member registrations.

No Size Limits

With Forums.net, you can have as many members, threads, and posts as you like. There's no limit!
Single Sign-on

With single sign-on, your members will enjoy seamless account sharing between your existing login system and your new forum.
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InSite Forwarding™

Bring all the SEO benefits of your forum's content to your primary domain without having to host the forum yourself.
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Transfer to Forums.net

We can work with you to transfer your existing community to our platform.
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Design Matching

Our team will work with you to have your community match the feel of your existing website.
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Domain Name

Use your own domain as your forum's URL. Uniquely express your community's personality.

Admin Control Panel

Our admin tools were designed from the ground up to be both easy to use and powerful, making the job of managing your forum as easy as possible.

Easy Moderation Tools

Forum moderating can often be a delicate job, so we provide effective tools for moderators to discuss issues and render decisions out of view of other forum users.

Fully Exportable

Your always own your data. Export a complete copy of your forum's database at any time from your Admin Panel.

Accessibility and Searchability

Live Search

When searching on a board or topic, results are displayed instantly on the screen as you type.

Mobile Devices

Members can stay connected when they're on-the-go with a mobile web version. Native apps for iOS and Android devices are also available through Tapatalk.

SEO Optimized

Your forum comes optimized for search engines out of the box, meaning no extra work for you to get great search results!
Navigation Tree

Members can use the navigation tree at the top of your forum to quickly jump to other areas of the forum.

Video Embedding

Embed videos directly into posts from popular video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and more!

Bookmark Threads

Bookmark threads directly from the forum for easy viewing later. Turn on bookmark notifications to be notified when a bookmarked thread is updated with new content.

Recent Threads & Posts

Quickly see what threads and posts have been created recently with the Recent Threads and Recent Posts links found on your homepage!

Automatic Image Thumbnails

When posting an image attachment, a preview thumbnail is automatically appended to your post. You can also choose to insert the thumbnail image to a specific spot in your post.

Unlimited Pageview Bandwidth

There are no limits on pageview bandwidth usage for your community.

Ajax Pagination

Dynamically switch between pages in a board or thread without needing to reload the whole web page.

Advanced Search

Search all posts on your forum with plenty of advanced options from your forum's search page. Use the search bar inside a board or thread to get live results as you type!

Narrow Your Search

Filter search results with options like the thread's creator, start date, post count, and more to easily find what you're looking for!


Whether your forum is for a dozen of your closest friends or millions of people, our software scales to accommodate communities of any size!


Semantic markup and built-in support for standard keystrokes help blind and disabled users easily navigate the forum

"New" Indication

Threads with unread content will have a "New" icon listed next to their name, letting members know that there's new content to read.

RSS Feed

Use the RSS feed to display the newest posts on your website, or use an RSS reader to see if new content has been posted without visiting the forum.

Forum Statistics

View information about the total number of threads, posts, and members right from your homepage.

Use Your Images

Upload images or link to an image that's already hosted by a 3rd party hosting provider for use in your forum's themes.


Keep track of forum events and member's birthdays with the Calendar.

Posting Features

Quoting & Multi-Quoting

Quote one or more posts in your reply with the click of a button. Quoting multiple posts has never been easier!


Attach files such as documents or images directly in posts for other members to see and download.


When creating a topic you can set a date to have it appear in your forum's calendar.
Live Editing

The preview posting mode allows you to make posts as if you were using a word processor. With this you can stylize your post and add other elements while being able to see those changes directly in the editor. No coding required!


We offer a variety of image smiles that convert text such as ":)" into an image version of the smile. You can upload your own custom image smiles to use on the forum as well!

Video Embedding

Members can embed their favorite videos from a wide variety of popular video services directly into posts.

Quick Reply

A Quick Reply box at the bottom of each thread allows you to reply without needing to navigate away from the page.

Post Linking

Easily share a link to a specific post made on the forum.

Administration Tools


Create boards inside of other boards to better organize the threads made on your forum and help users quickly find the content they want.

Category & Board Management

Create, modify, reorder, or delete categories and boards on your forum quickly and easily from your Admin Panel with our drag and drop interface.

VigLink Support

Generate revenue from your community using VigLink's popular affiliate program.
Attachment Management

View and remove attachments from all posts in one place.

Maintenance Mode

Prevent non-staff members from accessing your forum while this mode is enabled.

Manage Reported Posts

Moderate forum posts that have been flagged quickly and easily.


Changes made to your forum settings take effect immediately with our convenient auto-save feature.

Member Application Review

You can choose to manually approve or deny new member accounts when they are created.

Welcome Message

Automatically send a welcome message to members that join your community.

Navigation Customization

Customize your top navigation bar, including links to external websites or social media.

Custom Pages

Add additional pages to your forum with your own customized content.


Allow your members to chat in real-time from our integrated shoutbox.

News Feed

Display news or announcements on your community's homepage with our news feed option.


Our themes are easy to customize and build, even for beginners. You can also pick from our hundreds of pre-built themes to install with a single click.


Add new features to your forum in a single click. We have hundreds of plugins available in our Plugin Library - all free!

Upload Avatars

Provide a set of default forum avatars for your community to choose from.

Reserved Names

Prevent your members from using certain names on your forum.

Custom Profile Fields

Allow your members to add additional information into their profiles.

Moderation Tools

Forum Cleanup

Easily clean up your forum by mass removing unwanted posts.

Member Warnings

Easily issue warnings to members that are causing trouble. Assign a warning level to keep track of problematic members at a glance.

Flood Control

Our system automatically detects excessively quick posting and throttles the rate at which posts can be made, limiting both accidental double posts and malicious bots.
Reported Posts

Forum members can use the "Report Post" feature to call the attention of your forum's staff to problematic posts for a quick resolution.

Move Posts

Take one or more posts from a thread and move them to either a new thread or merge into an existing thread.

Announcement Threads

Announcements are prominently displayed at the top of all boards on your forum, rather than sticking in the one board you created the thread in.

Post Editing

Modify any post to add any missing details or fix mistakes. The edit time and editor will be noted in the post, and you can even provide a reason for the edit.

Remove Threads & Posts

You can delete any thread or post on your forum at any time.

User Notes

Moderators can store private notes about members in the member's profile.

Falling Threads

Prevent certain threads from bumping back up when replies are made.

Lock Threads

If a thread has run its course or is getting out of hand, you can lock it to prevent further posting in the thread.

Privacy/Security Features

Password Protected Boards

You can restrict certain boards on your forum so that only those with the password may view the threads in that board.

SSL Secured

End-to-end SSL encryption keeps your data safe from unwanted snooping.

Security Log

View your forum's security log to get a list of actions performed by your moderators and members.
Disable Accounts

You can prevent a member from logging in to your forum for a set period of time without banning them from the forum.

Censored Words

Using the censored words system you can automatically replace certain words posted on the forum with something more suitable.

Member Application Review

You can choose to manually approve or deny new member accounts when they are created.

Email Verification

We verify that the email address a user registers with is valid by sending a confirmation code. Accounts will not be activated until the email address is confirmed unless you disable this feature.

Age Confirmation

We enforce COPPA compliance by requiring all users to be at least 13 years old when registering.

CAPTCHA Visual Confirmation

All registrations require validation via CAPTCHA to help keep automated bots from creating accounts on your forum.


You can ban problematic members from your forum either permanently or with a specific date and time for when the ban will be removed. You can ban by username, email address, as well as IP address.

Reserved Names

Prevent members from using certain names as their username or display name.

Member/User Management

Member Groups

Create member groups to organize your members and forum staff. This allows for limiting access to areas of your forum as well as providing moderator powers.

Custom Profile Fields

Allow your members to add additional information into their profiles.


As members post on your forum their rank increases. You can customize user ranks in the Admin Panel.
Full Profiles

See extended details about a member such as social networks, websites, recent posts threads created, and more.


View info about a member next to every post they make. This can include the member's group, rank, avatar, status update, post count, and more.


Members can create their own custom signature that are displayed at the bottom of their posts.

Display Names

Members can change the way their name is displayed on the forum.

Member Listing

Registered users view and search the list of forum members.

User Preferences

Your members have the ability to customize their experience on your forum with various settings and notification options.

Forum Avatars

Members can choose a forum avatar from a list of defaults, upload or link their own image, or create one using the built-in Avatar Maker.

Audience Engagement Features

Forum Notifications

Members get notified of important events on your forum. These notifications can come via email, forum notifications, or the Tapatalk mobile app.

Social Embedding

Embed content from social media as well as have your forum content display with rich information when linked to from social media.

Mass Email

Send an email message to all members or specific groups of members straight from your Admin Panel.
User Tagging

Tag other members on the forum when posting and they will be alerted with a notification.

News Feed

Use the news feed at the top of your homepage to prominently display new or important information to your visitors.


Easily add a poll to any thread and let your members cast their vote. Set the number of possible responses, how many choices each user can make, and the length of the poll's voting period.

Users Online

View a list of members that are currently online or have been online in the last 24 hours right from your homepage.

"Like" a Post

Click the "like" button above a post to let the author know you liked it. A list of members that have liked a post will display above the posted content.

Active Threads

Threads with a large number of replies gain a special icon indicating an active discussion.

Thread Participants

See a list of members that have participated in a certain thread, along with the number of posts they have made, by clicking the reply count on the thread listing page.

Personal Messaging

Start a direct conversation with one or more members on the forum from the Messages area.

Conversation Labels

Easily manage your personal messages by creating labels for your important conversations.

Participated Threads

Keep up to date with the threads you have been participating in with the "Participated" button located at the top-right of every page.

Built-in Shoutbox

Offer your visitors a simple way to engage in real-time with one another.

Social Sharing

Easily share content to other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Friends & Following

Follow others to easily view what your favorite forum members have been up to through the activity feed!

Mass Message

Need to bring something to everyone's attention? Send a direct message to all forum members!

Flexible Customization Tools


Create, modify, and import themes to give your forum a unique look. If you have multiple themes, members can switch between them from their profile.


Add new forum features and functionality in a single click through our Plugin Library.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages to display your own content or pre-built widgets to your members.
Advanced Theme Modifications

Need your forum to look truly unique? We give you direct access to your forum's HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create a truly unique experience.

Theme Library

Install pre-made themes to your forum with one click from the Theme Library.

Navigation Customization

Customize your top navigation bar, including links to external websites or social media.

Drag & Drop Organization

Creating and organizing your forum's Categories and Boards is simple with our drag and drop interface.

Avatar Maker

Don't have an avatar? No problem! Our Avatar Maker helps you create a unique avatar quickly and easily to display in your profile.

Forum Templates

We provide you access to your forum's templates allowing you to customize how your forum's content is displayed.

Headers & Footers

Easily add HTML to specific areas of your forum in our easy to use Admin Panel.