100% Uptime Guarantee No Downtime is Acceptable.

Run your community with confidence. The accessibility of your platform is of the utmost importance to us, and it's for that reason that every plan we offer includes a service-level agreement. That means in the event of any unscheduled downtime, you're compensated.

NOT 98%. NOT 99%. 100%.

How much downtime is acceptable? None. Many companies offer guarantees for 98% or 99% uptime, but even a 99% uptime guarantee means you could be offline for over 7 hours a month and still be ineligible for compensation. Forums.net is different. In our commitment to 100% uptime, we offer compensation in the rare event that any unscheduled lapse in service takes place.


We're working round-the-clock to ensure complete system health, and the result has been over 99.9% uptime. We know that your forum is your community hub, and your audience's ability to access it is of the utmost importance.


We guarantee 100% uptime because we're committed to your success. When you don't have to worry about your forum being inaccessible due to hardware failure, the result is true peace of mind.