Design Matching Match your existing design

We'll match your existing website design and translate its elements to your site. When your users move from your primary website to your forum, the visual experience will transition seamlessly.

We Handle it All

Your website looks great and your forum should match. Sit back and let our experienced team take your existing website design and use's powerful customization tools to replicate it.

Consistency is Key

When your forum is matched to look like your existing website, users don't feel as though they've moved to another website when they travel back and forth. This consistency helps the forum act as a natural extension of your network.

Any Reference Point

Whether your primary website is already live, or you only have a Photoshop mockup of the design you want, we'll work with you to get your forum's design looking right, regardless of the type of reference you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Some plans include design matching for free! For those plans that don't, design matching is an affordable way to ensure the personality of your website is translated to your forum. offers a free consultation to every client in order to understand your specific needs. After we've analyzed the complexity of your design we will be able to deliver a customized service proposal and cost estimate.
How long does it take?
After your free design consultation we will be able to provide either a flat fee or a proposal including expected hours of completion and hourly rate. Since no two websites are alike, we cannot provide a default timeline. However, most design matching contracts are completed in under a week.
What file formats do you need to match my design?
For most designs, a working example is sufficient. If no example is available, then we prefer the design to be supplied in .PSD, the standard Adobe Photoshop document format. In some cases, we are able to work from simple images, though this usually takes longer and can cost more.
I've purchased a template for a design, can you translate that to my forum?
Unfortunately, due to the licensing restrictions on many paid templates and themes, we are not always able to recreate them for your forum. Our design matching team will be happy to meet with you and determine both our ability to match any design, and any possible alternatives should we be unable to do so.