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Hi, We're FORUMS.net The Online Community Experts

For over a decade we've been consistently raising the bar with regards to the amazing things organizations can achieve with their own online community. Many millions of users have chosen us to host their communities, and the result has been a superior forum software shaped by over 16 years of industry expertise.


Since 2000, our team has provided hosted forum solutions to the Internet community. Our years of experience, innovation, and excellence has allowed us to become an industry leader and home to millions of online forums.

In 2013 we launched the 5th version of our software, our most advanced forum platform yet. Providing thousands of new features in one intuitive package, v5 has cemented our place as an industry leader in forum software.


We've seen the ways we communicate online change and evolve over time, and through the years we've iterated upon our software to better allow individuals to rally their awesome communities as admins and provide their people with an online hub that they love coming back to.

The Forums.net software is designed to allow organizations and businesses to effectively engage their communities in a meaningful way, whether that means allowing superfans to interact with one another, allowing friends to talk to their hearts' content, or allowing employees to productively collaborate.

In the Future

We continue to strive towards the goal of providing the most modern, powerful, customizable, and comprehensively-supported community software, and with the announcement of our next version, Phoenix, we're happy to be continuing that tradition with features like a fully responsive design and multi-language support.