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A one-stop shop where customers are free to choose how they receive their customer support services.
Self-Service Community

Customer Support Ticketing System Built On Simplicity

Say hello to self-service serenity

Your customers can browse your knowledge base or search for keywords in your help desk ticketing system with minimal friction.

Activate your community

Helpful members of your support community are encouraged to contribute answers to others in need and are rewarded for successfully resolving issues.

Knowledge Base System To Empower and Inform Customers

Put Searchable Answers At Their Fingertips

Your customers can search your knowledge base right on your community help desk. Easily add, edit or remove articles, and create sub-boards to categorize your documentation.

Boost Your Brand's SEO with InSite Forwarding

Make sure your customers land on your site when they're looking on search engines for support. If your subscription includes InSite Forwarding, your help desk lives on your primary domain.

Self-Service Knowledge Base
One Year Support Cost Comparison

Help desk Support Software shouldn't break the bank

Grow your team, not your bill

Typical help desk pricing is per-agent, meaning your bill increases as your team grows. On it's one simple price for unlimited agents.

Achieve Channel Clarity

Avoid the headache of multi-channel support. Consolidate your support team's efforts with so they aren't answering the same questions every day, saving time and money.

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