Single Sign-On Many Accounts, One Login, No Hassle

A forum with Single Sign-On is the ultimate companion for your existing website. If you already have a login system on your existing website, visitors will already be logged in when they navigate to your new forum.

No User Registration

Without Single Sign-On, your website's existing members would need to register to create an account for your forum, but with Single Sign-On, they're already logged in when they move from your primary website to your forum.

Unified Login Credentials

No keeping track of separate account details. Single Sign-On allows your members to use the same credentials that they already do on your primary website.

No Coding Skills Necessary

Have a Wordpress site? Setting up Single Sign-On is a snap with our custom developed Wordpress plugin. Have another type of platform? Single Sign-on is straightforward to implement. It does require some basic knowledge of web scripting, but we've made setting up is as easy as possible.

Get Talking, Fast

When members can move from your primary website to your forum, they get instant access, letting the conversation take off. They can seamlessly jump between your existing website and your new community without missing a beat.